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About SMNK:

SMNK is a service-based platform that connects professionals and skilled workers to their target audience. As an intermediary, we help to solve the challenges of getting your preferred and reliable skilled workers/service providers from the comfort of your home or when in urgent need of someone reliable to salvage a situation.

The objectives of the company are

  1. Help professionals/skilled individuals expand their customer base.
  2. Connect demand with supply, at the same time, provide clients with true value for their money, as well as reduce incompetence.
  3. Reduce the stress of endlessly searching for competent hands to perform jobs/services.
  4. Provide a platform for individuals to be self-reliant.
  5. Reduce unnecessary hassles regarding payment after delivery of the job, loss of money, dissatisfaction, and disappointment on the part of individuals requiring one service or the other to be provided for them.
Furthermore, the company is committed to adequately curbing the number of unemployed people in Nigeria and as well, growing the skilled worker space. A situation whereby skilled individuals do not necessarily have to go out in search of jobs, but can find jobs easily online, like freelancers or individuals with digital skills. The company aims to be a global working online platform for all skilled individuals looking to take advantage of a platform that provides easy access to employers/those in demand of their skill set.
SMNK Nig Ltd

Contact Details:Office address: Lucky Nwagwu street.Email: info@smnklimited.comPhone: 09048164462


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