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Terms and conditions for skilled workers and Employers:

  1. Only adults are expected to register on the SMNK platform. By adults, we mean those who are 17 years and above. Hence, all transactions must be between young adults (adults not less than 16 and above). This is to achieve properly informed consent.
  2. A prospective client may choose not to provide all the necessary information needed to access the required service but some columns are considered basic and compulsory. This is to maintain privacy.
  3. Payments and monetary transactions shall be done through our approved platform hence, no direct deposits to the skilled personnel. SMNK is an intermediary between customers and service delivery experts and as such, all payments are to be made on the platform to enable us to protect the interest of both parties involved.
  4. SMNK shall not be held responsible for any private or direct business done on personal grounds with unapproved links unconnected with our website. This means services to be rendered must have been duly registered with us, to avoid impostors. Violators if caught would be penalized.
  5. The SMNK App would assure a seamless login and surfing experience hence report any difficulty that has lasted for more than 3 mins
  6. SMNK has the right to unilaterally amend the terms of service as it deems fit. This is to ensure global best practices and smooth service delivery
  7. SMNK may create checks and quality monitoring strategies to ensure quality assurance.
  8. SMNK is registered only in Nigeria for now and so operates within Nigeria. It may so choose to extend its service and coverage to other parts of the world.
  9. As a skilled worker, you are expected to deliver your services immediately after you are contacted and the job is sealed. If a deadline was agreed upon between you and your employer, you are expected to deliver on or before the deadline. Failure to do so and you will be penalized.
  10. This platform was created to link skilled workers with potential customers or clients. Skilled workers should keep in mind that they do not work for SMNK Limited. However, they will be representing themselves and their brand, this platform is only a bridge that would make that goal achievable.
  11. Payments will be disbursed into your provided account between 3-5 working days, once your employer has indicated that you have completed your job with them and we confirm job completion.
  12. A 15% (per cent commission) will be deducted from the payment made to you as our service fee. This will be put into developing the functionality of the platform to ensure it serves you better.
  13. When you are employed for a job, you are expected to deliver your services and return. This is to maintain professionalism from skilled workers employed from our platform. Resist the urge to do things that you are not employed for, in a situation where we receive complaints against you, a thorough investigation would be made before payment is made.
  14. Complaints made against you will be thoroughly investigated and if found to be at fault, your services on the platform will be terminated, and the case will be handed over to the authorities if need be.
  15. Once a job has been sealed between you and your employer, you are expected to keep to the time agreed to deliver the work and the time agreed for both parties to meet, assuming it's an offline job.
  16. All employers and skilled workers are expected to keep to the rules of SMNK, failure to do so may result in a penalty or legal action against the defaulter, on severe occasions.
  17. SMNK has the right to withhold payment once a person has breached the terms of agreement/contract until a full investigation has been carried out.
  18. No criminal activity is allowed on either the SMNK website or App, as SMNK will not be a party to any form of illegality or criminality.
  19. All information needed for a skilled worker to carry out his or her job must be provided by the employer before the job is sealed, additional information after the job has commenced or has been sealed, may likely attract an extra charge.
  20. A one-time fee may be deducted from the money paid to a skilled worker for his/her uniform (this is for those who require the SMNK uniform to work).
  21. All skilled workers are expected to represent themselves professionally when charged with in-house jobs, as they carry the image of SMNK with them as they interact with clients.
  22. Skilled workers would be penalized and suspended for any unprofessional before that is deemed to undermine the reputation of the company as well as other skilled workers.
  23. In the case of criminal offence, SMNK Limited would provide the information of any client or skilled worker that has been involved in a criminal offence for investigation.
  24. No form of discrimination is allowed on SMNK limited, either for staff, clients, skilled workers or users of its website or app.
  25. It is expected that all information provided on the website and app is yours and correct.
  26. SMNK Limited shall not be held liable for any wrong information provided on the platform, SMNK Limited has to verify any information provided as much as they can.
  27. SMNK Limited will not be held responsible for any bad conduct or breach of agreement by either party as there are measures put in place to avoid such an occurrence.
  28. SMNK Limited does not and will not hire skilled workers to work for any client.
  29. The SMNK platform is not to be used for any form of crime or to swindle people.
  30. All registered Clients and Skill workers are expected to use the platform for only the operations it was created for and no individual is allowed to transfer any rights of their account to a third party unless the person is a registered member of your company.
  31. All copyrights and trademarks, including logos, databases, visual design and source code are owned by SMNK Limited and protected by copyright. By using SMNK Limited platform or any of its services, you do not acquire any rights of ownership to any intellectual property.
  32. You reserve the sole right to accept or reject any job or skilled worker.
  33. You are entitled to renegotiate the cost of delivery of any job.
  34. Any cost incurred to transport yourself to your client or after delivery of a job is solely on the skilled worker and not the business of SMNK Limited.
  35. SMNK Limited is expected to provide financial security for both the skilled worker and his/her client once an agreement has been reached for a job to take place. Hence, no client would be expected to provide any financial commitment for any job until it has been completed and delivered.
  36. Any skilled worker who needs funds to commence his/her job is expected to source for it themselves, with the guarantee that once the job is sealed and agreed upon, the client has deposited money for the job, which would be sent to the skilled worker upon completion of the job.
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